CAMPAIGN FRIDAY: Audi as the Ugly Duckling

You must see this new ad for Audi by the agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH). It is strategically spot-on, entertaining, and beautfully produced/edited.

The German car company goes back to the early days of the brand (the 1920's) to bring forward their reputation as a designer's car. The ad shows an early teardrop-shaped Audi prototype car named Jaray Audi--a highly innovative and futuristic vehicle designed by the pioneering Audi engineer Paul Jaray. The prototype car was ahead of its time and its idiosyncratic styling was too futuristic for onlookers. Its plight is reflected in the film as we witness the lonesome 'Jaray Audi' scaring the horses, drawing disapproving looks from the townspeople and receiving angry honks from other drivers. The spot ends with the historic car arriving at a lake, and its reflection showing the new A5.

The spot was directed by Oscar-winner Joachim Back, and uses the classic Hans Christian Andersen children's tale 'The Ugly Duckling' with the song sung by Danny Kaye (1952) which tells the story of an "ugly duckling" who turns into "a beautiful swan."

"There once was an ugly duckling, with feathers all stubby and brown..."

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