CAMPAIGN FRIDAY: Gap Holiday Ads from Nas, Trey Songz & Flo Rida, to Common, Sarah Jessica Parker and Rainn Wilson.

For nearly 15 years, Gap has celebrated the birth of Christ holiday shopping season with music-video style commercials that feature classic Christmas songs like “Sleigh Ride” and “Jingle Bells” and feature the edge-popular celebrities of the day. We picked 10 of our favorites for your shopping holiday enjoyment. Which are your favorites?

#10 GAP Holiday Ad: From 1998--for the kids.


#9 GAP Holiday Ad: “Sleigh Ride” (1999)


#8 GAP Holiday Ad: "Baby It's Cold Outside" featuring Selma Blair & Rainn Wilson (2008)

#7 GAP Holiday Ad: Luscious Jackson performs "Let it Snow"


#6 GAP Holiday Ad: "Holiday in your Hood"  with Common (2007)


#5 GAP Holiday Ad: Is this year's campaign titled "Love Comes in Every Shade" and featuring Nas and his dad.


#4 GAP Holiday Ad: Gifts that Warm--Josh Duhamel, Mary J. Blige and Sarah Jessica Parker


#3 GAP Holiday Ad: A little more of Sarah Jessica Parker

#2 GAP Holiday Ad: Trey Songz & Flo Rida doing Jingle Bells, their way.

#1 GAP Holiday Ad: And our favorite campaign, from 2009

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