CAMPAIGN FRIDAY: Nike. Find Your Greatness.

As we watch the great athletes of the London 2012 Olympic Games, Nike wants us to remember that greatness is not beyond the reach of any of us. "Somehow we've come to believe that greatness is only for the chosen few, for the superstars. The truth is, greatness is for us all. This is not about lowering expectations; it's about raising them for every last one of us. Greatness is not in one special place, and it's not in one special person. Greatness is wherever somebody is trying to find it. Find your greatness." 

In another spot as part of the campaign, Nike introduces us to Nathan. He is 12 years old. And he's from another town called London--London, Ohio.

Greatness is not beyond his reach, nor is it for any of us.

According to USA Today, Nathan Sorrell is 5-foot-3-inches tall, weighs 200 pounds and was found in a Nike scouting session at his school.

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