CAMPAIGN FRIDAY: Robotripping - cough syrup gone bad.

As part of campaign by The Partnership at and Consumer Healthcare Products Association, agency Tribal DDB created a Public Service Announcement (PSA) targeted young people who may think using cough syrup to get high is a good idea.

There was a time when children were forced by parents and doctors to take cough syrup due to its displeasing taste. Now, we're trying to convince them not to guzzle it for pleasure.

Robotripping is the handle used for the affects of using over-the-counter cough medicines to trip off of the ingredient dextromethorphan (DXM). The name Robotripping is derived from the popular drugstore medicine Robitussin.

Of course, in order to get high off cough syrup, you’ll need to take large amounts that exceed safe levels for your body—potentially causing serious damage to your body including liver failure, heart problems and, might cause vomitting.

The spot, and the website DXM Stories are designed to raise attention to the harmful affects of Robotripping. The spot may be a bit shocking—and something that might make you feel uncomfortable, but that’s the whole idea.

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