CAMPAIGN FRIDAY: Social Smoking is as Ridiculous as Social Farting.

Yes it is true, Canadians have a sense of witty sophomoric humor about things (see Terrance and Phillip or Mike Meyers' Austin Powers), that is just slightly left of American’s somewhat more patrician views. The latest example of Canadian wit is a PSA from the Ontario Ministry of Health's "Quit the Denial" aimed at encouraging folks not to smoke with ads about farting and nibbling. 


No, no, hear me out. This is actually a pretty good strategy at not hitting smokers over the head with the typical “smoking kills” messaging. Understanding that some people who smoke are in denial of their habit—by claiming they only smoke casually, or just when they drink, or just with friends, or only “bum” a cigarette from time to time—the spots try to make it clear that the reality is regardless of how often you smoke—you’re an addict.

"Just because I fart at parties now and then, it doesn't make me a farter," says the humorous spot which points out the ridiculous claim of being a “social smoker” by replacing “smoker” with “farter.”

Extending the campaign, the folks at ad agency BBDO Toronto and the Perlorian Brothers created another spot features "social nibblers" who mooch food from other people's plates. Yes, Social Smoking is as ridiculous as social nibbling and social farting. 

So have a laugh, not a smoke.

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