CAMPAIGN FRIDAY: What kind of guy eats Velveeta Shells & Cheese? That Guy.

From time to time, marketers try to target a product directly to “guys”—the guy’s guy, filled with machismo and beer. Call them the “Super Male.”

Burger King tried it a while back, but realized that was too much of a niche audience. Beer companies do it all of the time—and that’s probably right on target.

But Kraft’s Velveeta is a bit new to the game of marketing exclusively to guys. I’m sure that the research data proves that guys like Kraft Mac n Cheese (along with Ramen noodles, the primary food source of single 20-somethings) and Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese is simply ‘Mac by a different name.

So I get the logic of Kraft’s Velveeta tagline “Liquid Gold,” and their “Eat Like That Guy You Know” campaign with a blatantly, entertainingly, unashamedly, focus on the “Super Male.” The campaign has been running since last summer, and continues to run on national broadcast television as we speak write.

“That Guy. Because That Guy eats the way he lives his sweet life — effortlessly and awesomely. Whether he’s eating Shells & Cheese or getting paid an hourly wage to fly around remote control helicopters or sell you a pet gold fish, That Guy just has living an inexplicably awesome life figured out. Right down to what he eats.”

Yep. That Guy is a Super Male—and a Velveeta Shells & Cheese guy. He’s a guy’s guy. Eat Like That Guy You Know...

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