CBS recasts the Early Show with Gayle King and Charlie Rose.

CBS clearly knows that rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic will not make a darn bit of difference to their Early Show ratings. It was last December when they fired Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez and brought in Chris Wragge, Erica Hill and Jeff Glor. Now Wragge is out (and headed to local affiliate WCBS), and they are shifting Hill and Glor to lesser roles. But the big news is the two new additions they are introducing to morning television--two unexpected replacements with major interview chops.

Starting in January, Gayle King and Charlie Rose will be chattin' live as the sun comes up over CBS.

Hill and Glor will helm the Early Show until 7:30, when PBS talk-show legend will stroll in at 7:30. Rose will be followed by Oprahite Gayle King at 8:00.

Rose and King during the morning hours? It seems CBS is serious about hiring some A-list interview talent.

And, according to a source to The New York Times, the new team will not be light on the issues. "We're not going to be sipping chardonnay and dressing up in costumes. There are really serious issues that morning shows should be talking about right now." The new format will emphasize hard news and use a conversational approach like “Morning Joe” on MSNBC and “The View” on ABC.

The only question left seems to be whether Charlie Rose will be capping off his night with the Early Show, or changing-up his late-night habits and waking up early for his new gig.

We all know Charlie Rose for his late night PBS talk-show. But now, he's been recast as one of the hosts of CBS's Early Show. His shift will start at 7:30 am. Clearly, Charlie's best bet is to stay up all night, and bed-down AFTER the show is over.

From The NY Post:

"How will Charlie Rose wake up for the “Early Show?” TV insiders can’t comprehend how CBS plans to rouse the notorious night owl for its revamped 7 a.m. morning show..."

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