Chipotle Mexican Grill to expand into Asian food restaurants

Chipotle Mexican Grill has been serving up gourmet burritos since founder Steve Ells was inspired by the popularity of the taquerías in the Mission District of San Francisco. They have 1,000 locations in 37 US states, Canada and the UK.

And now, Chipotle is developing an Asian restaurant concept modeled after the successful fast-casual burrito chain.

It is being reported that Chipotle's founder and co-Chief Executive Steve Ells, along with a small team from the company are developing the concept, whose name wasn't disclosed.

They plan to open one location next year.

While we don't expect Asian fajitas or dim sum carnitas, we do anticipate the concept will use some of the same features used by Chipotle's restaurants, like using sustainably raised ingredients and preparing meals in front of the customers.

"This Asian restaurant is just an opportunity to see how our model works when we use different ingredients and a different style of food," Ells said. "This restaurant will allow us to take a look at that."

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