Chiquita launches banana sticker contest to re-imagine the iconic "Miss Chiquita"

Chiquita bananas has an iconic logo. There's no doubt about that.

They've been placing blue stickers on bananas for decades, and have built a strong brand following because of it.

Now, they're using the power of of the Chiquita label to generate consumer engagement by creating a contest to "re-design" the iconic sticker.

The winners of the contest will get their stickers placed on bananas from November to January at local supermarkets, and a bit of stardom.

The contest is meant to get more young Americans to eat more bananas.

"It's just another way to introduce fun into the process," said Chiquita spokesman Andrew Ciafardini. About 100,000 votes were cast in the contest for roughly 1,300 entries.

The idea of branding the Chiquita banana goes back to 1944 when the company wrapped them in paper bearing the Miss Chiquita logo. In 1963, the first stickers appeared. Several stickers have existed over the years, including promotional ones for the Olympics and those reading "Chiquita. Quite Possibly, The World's Perfect Food."

Sources: Chicago Tribune and Brandchannel
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