Chivote leather goods and the 2Face Backpack

Two friends, Alex and Andrew, have a shared passion for design and craftsmanship. They’ve known each other since the age of six, but only recently have come together to create leather goods that can make all of our lives a bit more enjoyable.

Andrew had been designing everything from shoes to bags to clothing garments for some relatively well-known brands for some time. But as we know, designing for others can limit creativity. By launching his own brand, Andrew has been able to express himself as he wishes.

Chivote leather goods are designed to be esthetically attractive; and to deliver on their intended purpose. Plus, they aim to design and create leather goods that if they themselves would find irresistible is seen out on the street. And, customers have responded enthusiastically. Alex and Andrew have been surprised to see patrons of similar interest and lifestyles to their own. “As most people nowadays, we have busy lives which require us to be on the move most of the day and with it comes the need to carry our gadgets from one place to another in a convenient and safe manner.”

“We believe that an important factor in our brand’s success is that our goods aim to solve a need,” says Alex, “One of the first questions we ask ourselves in the design process is: ‘Does this product make our lives easier in any way?’ If the answer is yes then we begin working out the best way to solve this issue through a product which looks apart.” 

This was the core concept to the duo’s Kickstarter project, with the first two sided leather backpack or as they like to call it, the 2Face Backpack. It is designed for the urban dweller—created to last, and ideal for carrying laptops & tablets. The handcrafted backpack is both casual and classic, allowing you to carry the same backpack for any type of occasion without worrying about looking out of place. In fact, Alex and Andrew say that you should expect to stand out from the crowd. ,( ).

Details play a very important role in the design process and the team at Chivote try to add their own touch to everything they create. “It is a great feeling when we get feedback from our customers who appreciate the small things we do to make Chivote goods that bit better,” says Alex.

That is why they like to do things slightly different such as by using honey Nubuck leather which apart from the famous brand of boots, very few other companies use. “It is truly a precious leather to see and touch,” says Alex. “Once you come across it in real life, Nubuck leather goods really stand out from the crowd and that is why we enjoy so much using it for our collections. We hope in the future to make it synonymous with the Chivote brand.”

You can pledge to receive the 2Face Backpack, leather pen case or wallet now on Kickstarter.




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