Chrysler is creating dealer "Embassies" for its "Imported from Detroit" campaign

Chrysler and its new ad agency Wieden + Kennedy have created a lot of buzz with their Super Bowl commercial "Imported From Detroit" featuring Eminem, and starring Chrysler and the city of Detroit.

Now comes word that they've created a line of merchandise in a "dealer kit" that has its dealers cast as "embassies" for vehicles "imported" from Detroit. The "Imported From Detroit" campaign, which tugged at audience's heart strings, and played to American's desire to give people a second chance, now needs to push this concept down to the sales floor.

The follow-up ads will target import buyers as they present both the new Chrysler 200 (featured in the Super Bowl ad) and upcoming 2011 Chrysler 300 sedans.

Aaron Allen, a W+K creative director on the Chrysler account, is quoted saying to Advertising Age that the future advertising will talk more about the Chrysler 200's attributes than the national TV Super Bowl commercial did: "[National] is meant to grab people's emotions and heart. With [regional], people want more details to include our car into their shopping considerations."

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