Chuck Norris is becoming a pop-culture phenomenon in Central Europe thanks to a T-Mobile campaign.

The Prague office of Saatchi & Saatchi was looking for a celebrity spokesperson for a T-Mobile campaign it was charged with creating in the Czech Republic.

They first considered John Travolta, and Danny Devito.

But the settled on action-movie hero Chuck Norris.

And boy are they glad they did. The multi-generational lure and cult status of the "Walker Texas Ranger" star among Czechs has created a pop-culture phenomenon, which has begun to spread across Central Europe.

The ads feature Norris in humorous encounters with Czech Christmas customs.

One of the spots shows Norris in the kitchen of a Czech family preparing a traditional Christmas Eve dinner of fresh carp. His hostess asks Norris to kill the still flapping fish with a wooden mallet. When he refuses, she picks up a mallet to smash the carp's head herself. That's when the actor known for his tough-guy roles, faints. As the hostess tries to revive him, her husband says, gleefully, "On TV, anybody can be tough."

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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