Coca Cola Secretly Sells Tightly Capped Bottles in China

We’ve all had days when tightly capped bottles of Coca-Cola have worn our poor wrists down, and we typically need a stronger gender to open these bottles for us (males…duh). This isn’t really a way to conjure up a match made in heaven, but Coca-Cola begs to differ with its newest campaign titled “Icebreaker”.

The video for the campaign is aimed towards the Chinese marriage market, describing the bottle twist as being “so tough that parents try to find a match for their children.” In an effort to aid China’s culture in Shanghai with finding romance without the need of a matchmaker, the soft drink giant has setup a vending machine in a romantic park in Shanghai with bottles that have tightly sealed caps.

When a woman is trying to open a coke bottle, she would have to ask a man for help. Or the man could offer his help, as he glances at the women’s unsuccessful efforts to open her beverage. Honestly, I know a handful of men who also have trouble opening jars and bottles to no avail so it’s not just a gender debate. These bottle caps are no joke.

Previous marketing efforts for Coke were reportedly seen as cooler and creative. The company is hinting at romance being achieved by leaning on a man for help in the “Icebreaker” campaign, and they are displaying women as too weak to be able to do something so elementary. Further to that, they are stating that Coke is the cute launchpad that “sparked” a couple’s romance, which is a jerk move and reveals poor taste in this campaign.

Tightly capped soda bottles or nail polishes are in my top five of things that annoy me to no end. You begin to feel flustered and defeated; all in an attempt to just get to the contents inside your wretched bottle already. Coca Cola presumes that the campaign will be met with praise in Shanghai due to China’s marriage culture. Though, I’m inclined to ship a box of pliers to this vending machine location to prove that a boy-meets-girl scenario can take place on an equal and creative level, with the couple working towards unfastening a deliberately taut bottle cap.

“And it all started with a Coca Cola bottle cap ploy...” 

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