Coca Cola unleashes Sokenbicha: green and healthy tea from Japan

Sokenbicha is one of the latest beverages to enter the environmentally-conscious, health-conscious market.

Pronunced "SO-can-BEE-cha," the drink is a blended tea from Japan that's both green and healthy, unsweetened and  "authentically brewed" with "natural botanicals."

The teas, produced by a wholly-owned Coca-Cola subsidary called Nexstep Beverages are being rolled-out exclusively at Whole Foods.

Sokenbicha is created based on the concept of a balance of the "Five Elements:" wood, fire, earth, metal and water to stimulate health and well-being. Among other health benefits, it may be the among a rare few beverages to suggest its consumption is good for a healthy spleen.

Source: WalletPop

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