Coke Zero’s Make it Possible asks Carmen Electra and Perez Hilton to teach you the Toe Tappy.

As a continuation of Coke Zero's Make it Possible campaign, Carmen Electra, Perez Hilton and choreographer JaQuel Knight (Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”) teach you how to do the Toe Tappy.

“Open toe shoes, please don’t risk it! You don’t want your feet looking like shrimp & biscuits! Keep it sexy like you’re making toe porn. Lean back, drop it to the floor. Lean your foot back. Just a tip. Now freeze for a second, let your toes rest.”

Or, just watch the video…

The films, created by Ogilvy Paris were shortlisted at Cannes in the new Branded Entertainment category. Coke Zero won two Lions this year for the campaign.




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