Comedy Central has a new grown-up and iPad-friendly logo

Viacom's Comedy Central network will be re-branding itself come January.

The new logo mark is  a “C” tucked inside an upside-down “C”

It is simple, and a severe contrast to its current retro skyscrapered globe logo.

The new mark looks a little like the symbol for "copyright" ( © )and a bit like the ABC or CBS logos, or maybe an “@” symbol.

All of which might be the point,

As Bob Salazar, SVP/creative director, brand creative for Comedy Central says,  “The Comedy Mark is an amalgam of all the things we’re doing.”

Comedy Central has been taken far more seriously since John Stewart, Steven Colbert and the lot have attracted a more sophisticated audience considering it as "must see TV." How many of the growing Gen Y audience get their "network news fix" from Comedy Central these days instead of NBC-ABC-CBS?

The logo also works far better on the iPad (and other tablets), which is where we all may be watching our TV shows in the near future.

Critics (and those who clearly are adverse to change) say the new logo is boring, with some suggesting a consumer backloash akin to the Gap logo scandal of earlier this year.

Here is Comedy Central's spin:

“The thing the old logo did brilliantly was to be a television logo, but it was difficult to use in a scalable way,” says Alicia Johnson, co-creative director of thelab, the New York firm behind Comedy Central's rebrand. Although Comedy Central is funny it also plays a larger role in culture,” Johnson says. “In a lot of ways, it’s like a major news network. So, and I’m quoting a blogger here, the old logo was like showing up in a Hawaiian shirt at a Fortune 500 company.”

Comedy Central's New Logo from Cliff Kuang on Vimeo.

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