Counting Down the Top 10 Advertising Stories of 2012 (Part One).

At FIVE THôT, we love us some good advertising. Here are some of our favorite advertising stories of 2012. Check out Part One below, and Part Two here.

10. Peeing on Someone’s Rug is So “On-Brand” for the Standard Hotel.

The photos in the Standard Hotel advertising campaign are intended to surprise, startle and perhaps shock. It is a description that sounds to us like a perfect advertising strategy for a brand that needs to keep an “edge” to keep up their bookings—and high per-room price point. 

9. “Blue Shirts” Get to Show Off Their Superpowers in New Apple Genius Ad Campaign

We are big fans of the Apple ad which launched during the broadcast of the 2012 Olympic Games in London's opening ceremonies starring the Apple Genius guys as superheroes. Unfortunately, consumer feedback was mixed, and Apple chose not to extend the campaign. 

8. Oreo Cookie’s Breastfeeding Baby is Tempted by “Milk’s Favorite Cookie.”

Proving that sex sells, Kraft Foods created a poster featuring a breastfeeding baby being tempted by an Oreo Cookie.

7. “Cheeky Not Cheesy” ad for Sauza Tequilla Features a Fireman, A Kitten and a Margarita.

Didn’t I just say, sex sells? This cheeky spot features a fireman (in various stages of dress) mixing up a Sauza Tequilla margarita with the help of a kitten. Yep. Sex sells.

6. Audi as the Ugly Duckling.

You simply must see this new ad for Audi by the agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH). It is strategically spot-on, entertaining, and beautfully produced/edited. The ad uses the song from the 1952 movie classic of Hans Christian Andersen children's tale 'The Ugly Duckling'  which tells the story of an "ugly duckling" who turns into "a beautiful swan."


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