Cult movie "Dirty Dancing" becomes a Facebook fan page phenom

The 1987 movie Dirty Dancing, staring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey ("nobody puts Baby in the corner") is finding new life on Facebook.

It's fan page is the #6 most popular movie site on Facebook with near 7 million "likes" and growing--quite a feat for a 30+ year old film about the summer of 1963 when an innocent 17-year-old named Baby vacations with her parents at a Catskill's resort.

The popularity of the film on Facebook was organic, generated through the popularity of several fan-created pages. Lionsgate, who owns the film, took notice of the fan-created sites and worked with Facebook to consolidate the pages into a single, official page.

Lionsgate claims they're trying not to commercialize the fan page too much--doing only light promotions, and not using it as a traditional direct marketing tool.

While the entertainment company says it is not exploiting its fan base, they are using it as an indication of the brand's popularity, and leveraging that into product extetions, such as a Dirty Dancing fitness DVD and a proposed new television show; "You have to prove to yourselves and the world there’s a strong affinity there. It’s real consumer data," said Anne Parducci, evp of family and home entertainment marketing at Lionsgate.

Source: Brandweek

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