Daylife: Simplifying the complexity of managing published content

The traditional role of marketing within organizations has been blown to smithereens with the advent of digital publishing and social media. We are now content publishers across multiple platforms. We must author and manage content across audiences and all sorts of media types and devices. Content can be images, it can be video, audio, and the written word--tweets, Facebook links, blogs, and television, radio, online, etc. 

Recently, I sat down with the folks at Daylife. They're tackling the huge problem of content publishing across multiple platforms with their Daylife Publisher Suite. They've got an easy-to-use platform for digital publishing, content management and sourcing of relevant content.

In their words, The Daylife Publisher Suite is a comprehensive solution, designed for traditional, emerging and brand publishers who want the freedom to focus on creating experiences audiences will love and freedom from technological friction at every step. It’s on-demand media and features from the cloud, and it’s changing the way publishers work with all their digital channels.

Here's how it works--Daylife takes an organization's content (regardless of source or format) and redeploys it into
beautifully pre-formatted media Apps that can be added to any Web destination via simple drag and-drop and a curatorial dashboard. At the Publisher Suite’s core is a patented engine for ingesting, analyzing, and processing media from the cloud.

Early clients have been in the publishing world--USA Today, ESPN, Forbes, Aljazeera, and Bloomberg (to mention a few), but more and more corporate brands--from Purina to General Electric, have been signing on as they understand the complexity of managing digital content, and the simplicity a solution like Daylife can provide.

Daylife Publisher Suite: Introduction from Daylife on Vimeo.

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