Demi Moore for Helena Rubinstein: Once Again, She’s Airbrushed Within An Inch of Her Celebrity.

Oh, no, not again. It appears that the retouching job done on Demi Moore for the Ann Taylor ads last September barely touched the surface <disgraceful pun> when it comes to making Demi look younger, and younger, and younger.

Let the Benjamin Button jokes run amuck.

Demi’s getting-to-be-not-so-familiar face is part of a new ad campaign for cosmetics company Helena Rubinstein. In the ad she appears almost entirely wrinkle free. Is this false advertising for a company who is selling beauty in a bottle?

In the case of Demi’s touch-up in Ann Taylor or Adele in Vogue, at least they were not selling a cosmetics company.

 “She looks quite unlike her usual self,” Life & Style Picture Editor Craig Gunn told the Daily Mail. “It’s a slightly alien effect. When you start taking away people’s skintones and smoothing out their features, they look like mannequins.”

Photos via Mirror UK

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