Democrats and Republicans find common ground among top brands

A new study by the YouGov Brand Index showcases the similarities and differences between progressives and liberals at brand level.

Using an index made up of consumer impressions of each brand's  value, quality, reputation, their satisfaction with it, and their interest in recommending it, Craftsman, Johnson & Johnson, UPS and FedEx, Discovery Channel and History Channel, as well as Cheerios, all show up as favorites of both Democrats and Republicans.

Which brands divide us? Fox, Fox News and Lowe's are favored more by Republicans, while Google, Sony, and Amazon are favored more by Democrats.

Diving into the study, Jet Blue is ranked as the 3rd favorite arline of Democrats, while Red-Staters don't include JetBlue even in their top 10. And of course, Dems prefer Progressive Insurance.

Source: Good

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