Democrat's new logo and tagline: "Change that matters"

I often say, the one of the best reasons to revamp a company or brand logo is to signal a change.

And, that's exactly why the Democratic National Committee unveiled a new logo and website this week.

"I'd like to unveil the new symbol of today's Democratic Party: Democrats delivering the change that matters," DNC chairman Tim Kaine said in a speech. "The new look demonstrates that we're about the people," Kaine said of the new symbol, which is a light blue circle with the letter "D" placed in the center. "The [old] DNC logo focused on the committee, but we want to focus on the Democrats, the 75 million strong."

No word from Target Stores on what they think of the new logo.

Or jokes about how the Democrats just put a "target" on their backs.

Sources: FOX 4KC and GW Hatchett

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