Diesel sneakers. Not made for running. Great for kicking ass.

Diesel Sneakers have created “Kick Ass,” an integrated advertising campaign using video, print and online media.

“FW1 Sneakers aren’t made for running, like the rest of the sneakers. Because you run when you’re scared. Scared of getting fat, or being late, or that something bad will happen to you. Diesel is different. Diesel is stupid and stupid doesn’t run from anything. Stupid like to kick asses. Believe us. Kicking the ass of someone who deserves it is one of the unspoken pleasures of ife. It just feels so good. Especially when you’re wearing sneakers so stylish and comfortable as the ones you’re about to see. Kindly go and find the pair that’s right for you. And then not-so-kindly go find that ass that’s right for them.”

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