Discover the treasure hidden for 10,000 years: Glace Rare Iceberg Water

"It is so tasteless that it actually creates a taste. The tastelessness is its own taste...It's like drinking air."

So says Ron Stamp, who is bringing Glace Rare Iceberg Water to market.

The Source?

An iceberg in Greenland.

It may be the world's purest water, hidden in an iceberg.

Apparently, water from different places on the globe has unique tastes because of differences in mineral content, bubble size, pH levels and hardness or softness.

Iceberg water is seen as uniquely pure, in that it comes from snow that fell millennia before the Industrial Age started filling the atmosphere with impurities that trickle down to our water supply.

Glace Rare Iceberg Water, which will be priced starting at $10 a bottle, is farmed using a converted fishing boat that uses a giant mechanical claw to pull 1,500-pound bites of ice from floating bergs and depositing them in tanks below deck.

The Los Angeles Times reports that gourmet bottled waters make up less than 5% of the $10.6-billion U.S. bottled water market. Still there's lots of competition for that small marketshare: Etrusca, Lelu, Vytautas, Vidago, Karoo, Bling H20, and Tasmanian Rain.

And, believe it or not, there are three other iceberg waters in the market.

At the end of the day, no matter how pure Glace Rare Iceberg Water is, it is the brand that will make it sell. As Ron Stamp says, "If I sold Ron's Spring Water, nobody would ask me a second question."

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