Do You Have a Big Ass Fan?

No, I did not just intend to insult you. And no, I’m not referring to the size of your customer’s caboose. 

The Big Ass Fan Company of Lexington Kentucky is the worldwide leader in large diameter, low speed fans. They’ve sold over 65,000 Big Ass Fans installed worldwide in manufacturing plants, distribution centers, horse arenas, dairy barns, stadiums, art galleries, restaurants, health clubs, zoos and homes. Big Ass Fans are made in America, by a workforce that doubled during the recession.

It seems there are a lot of Big Ass Fans.

The company, which started life as the HVLS Fan Company, adopted the name “Big Ass Fan Company” eleven years ago. They appear to revel in the memorable, descriptive and very controversial identity—even creating an official mascot named “Fanny the Donkey.”

Fans and Foes

As one might expect, complaints about the company’s name are plentiful—because not everyone is a Big Ass fan. They claim the Big Ass Fan Company’s memorable moniker has intrigued and delighted some, and offended others. But everyone seems to have some type of response to the name.

Company Responds to Complaints with Sassy Music Video

Recently, the company decided to gather up a caboose-full of voicemail complaints called-in to the company’s headquarters and create a sassy music video to promote the brand and its sassy name. Entitled, “Because Not Everyone is a Big Ass Fan,” the humorous piece shows the company’s public relations manager Sherrell Watson and exhibit manager Pam Lawless lip-synching the voicemails, complete with a soundtrack and dance moves.  The video was created in less than an hour by Big Ass Fans’ video manager Jim Voskuhl.

We think it was an hour put to good use. 



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