Doritos captured the most positive Internet buzz this year, according to Zeta study

Doritos earned the most positive buzz of any snack or beverage brand in 2010, according to a Zeta Interactive survey.

The study examined more than 200 million online posts, blogs, message boards, video sites and social media mentions, and found that snack brand Doritos had both the most volume and tone of buzz of any other category brand. Kellogg's Pop Tarts took second place, with Budweiser, Coors Light and Vitamin Water rounding out the top 5.

The snack brand's "Crash the Super Bowl" campaign, in which fans voted on customer-created ads, generated a sustained viral affect for months after its release. The effort helped Doritos reach a 96% positive-mention rate and allowed it to edge ahead of brands such as Budweiser and Coors, which generated more buzz but also received far greater numbers of negative mentions.

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