Dos Equis Launches the Most interesting Food Truck in the World. Alligator Tail Empanadas Included.

One of our favorite forms of mobile marketing is the branded truck. From the Weinermobile to LL Bean’s Giant Maine Hunting Boot to the Charles Schwab’s Money Truck, we love the mobile brand mobile. We are also fans of the food truck—the perfect pop-up shop.

Now comes word that Dos Equis is hitting the streets with the Dos Equis Mobile Academy, a fleet of seven different Dos Equis-branded food trucks.

The trucks are not all about beer—they’re serving individualized menu items designed to engage fans through interesting, and adventurous experiences and to tie in with their “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign. They’ll serve alligator tail empanadas in Miami, a jellyfish baguette in Dallas, and grilled kangaroo in Houston. What better way to “Stay Thirsty, My Friends.”—as their tagline says. Culinary ambassadors will be on-hand on-truck to provide background on the culture and regions represented.

We've got a great selection of local chefs that we're partnering with across the country, and can't wait to flip the script to bring fans a new take on the traditional food truck experience," said Nipa Parekh, senior brand director at Dos Equis, in a statement.

Sources: Sacramento Bee and MediaPost

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