Dr. Pepper Ten: Just enough calories to satisfy the male ego

Decades ago, the deoderant brand, Secret, launched an infamous campaign targeting women: "Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman."

Now, another brand, Dr. Pepper's message is:  Simply Not for Women.

In the world of marketing, apparently keeping the sexes separate, is important.

Dr Pepper Ten, is a reduced-calorie soda, not a zero-calorie soda. I guess the 10 calories are what makes it flavor-filled enough for men, and "simply not for women."

Both Coke Zero and Pepsi Max were designed to target men, billed as full-flavored sodas with zero calories. Both have had difficulty appealing to men with their zero-calorie message.

Dr Pepper Ten was created for 25- to 34-year-old men, with packaging and marketing heavy peppered with masculine imagery and messages. On the can, a slate gray background is offset by Dr Pepper's logo and a red box proclaiming the product's "10 Bold Tasting Calories." Advertising Age reports that advertising "...features a muscled commando type sprinting through the jungle dodging lasers and toting a space-age weapon. 'Hey ladies, enjoying the film?' he asks. "'Course not. Because this is our movie, and Dr Pepper Ten is our soda.' He signs off by telling women everywhere they can 'keep the romantic comedies and lady drinks.'"

It seems Americans still attach masculine and feminine attributes to everything from deoderant to soda...regardless of ingredients.

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