Dr. Seuss' Lorax has 70 Eco-Friendly Cross-Promotional Partners Hoping the Green Will Rub Off

The Lorax, written by Dr. Seuss duing the "first" green revolution in 1971 when the Clean Water Act and the Clear Air Act were winding their way through Congress, is perhaps the most famous nature-friendly and anti-industrial crusader from children's literature.

And now, as the film version hits movie theaters, a slew of companies (70 in all) are snuggling up close to the Lorax to see if some green will rub off (both the money and the eco-friendly brand association type of green). Companies like Mazda, Whole Foods and Hilton hotels are partnering with the Universal Pictures film to promote its release. iHop for example, is offering a breakfast of green eggs and ham to promote the film.

The studio is being selective about its partnerships, with a focus on planet-saving activities like planting trees and conserving energy.

The AP points out that tie-in partners like the EPA, is using the Lorax character to help promote low-power appliances that carry the Energy Star label. Hilton's DoubleTree hotel chain is sponsoring a trip for four to eco-tourism mecca Costa Rica. The Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam is creating a Lorax-inspired route through its garden, which is home to a number of endangered trees. And, household products maker Seventh Generation plans to put "Lorax Approved" labels on millions of items, including a liquid detergent bottle made with recycled paper.

"Our partners needed to legitimately be in the environmental space," said Universal's president of partnerships and licensing, Stephanie Sperber. "The brands and messages had to ring true to the Lorax story."

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