Ed Hardy has designed a limited-edition pizza box for Tony's Pizza Napoletana in North Beach

The mass-distribution of the Ed Hardy clothing line by French designer Christian Audigier has made the San Francisco-based tattoo artist known globally by a broad audience.

His designs grace t-shirts, hats and all sorts of wearable art objects.

But there's another adaption of Hardy's designs that may be a bit more unknown.

The next time you order a pizza from Tony's Pizza Napoletana in North Beach (San Francisco) you may be treated to a piece of "the godfather of modern tattoo's" art.

Tony Gemignani (the Tony in Tony's Pizza Napoletana)  has partnered with Hardy who is apparently a loyal customer to create 10,000 special pizza boxes with the goal of raising $10,000 for each of his favorite charities.

For an extra $3 per pizza, lucky customers will get a limited edition pizza box. You may choose the "Ed Hardy" pizza pie to go inside this special box--his namesake pie is a vegetarian special with mushrooms, arugula, olives and sea salt.

Eater SF reports that $3 from each pizza box sale is divvied up for the Harqua Foundation -- founded in partnership with Hardy to benefit children and literacy; Basketball City, bringing pro basketball players to speak to New York school kids about exercise, eating healthy and staying in school; and lastly, St. Anthony's Kitchen, which benefits local food banks and shelters.

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