ePad Femme: The First Tablet For Women.

So ladies, you just bought your brand new tablet. Are you confounded by the design and just antsy to add your necessary apps already? Well, you should have purchased the new ePad Femme by Eurostar Group. This tablet is the first “tablet for women” and, with that concept in mind, it comes pre-loaded with every app that women everywhere will ever need. Such as yoga, cooking recipes, pregnancy tips, and more yoga (especially after babies). 

Thank goodness because I was worried that these aspects weren’t already shoved down my throat enough. To top it off, it has a pink background. Cute. 

Setting aside initial judgments of sexism and the inference that women are incapable of using normal tablets to install their own apps, it is remarkable that tech advances like a tablet are paralleled with such an antiquated mentality on women’s interests. 

The ePad Femme is marketed towards women in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates where many women continue to suffer from gender prejudices (just like anywhere else in the world for that matter). 

According to Arstechica.com, Eurostar Group’s associate vice president of marketing, Mani Nair, told the Jerusalem Post that the tablet is “ for a woman who might find difficulties in terms of downloading these applications and it is a quick reference.” He maintains that the tablet is not sexist. 

However in the same article, it is reported that women in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, are “extremely tech-savvy” and wouldn’t need apps downloaded for them. Feminist writers in the Middle East have also taken up against the device’s concept. 

Given that sales for the tablet have totaled 7,000 units thus far, it appears Eurostar has underestimated their target demographic. The tablet’s idea is insulting and offensive. 

Hell, I loathe pink and I don’t particularly care for Indian Curry recipes.  In the end, I’d say the joke is on a company who believes this idea would be profitable to shape women into molds. 

Here’s a tip: do extensive research on your target audience before launching a product’s purpose. Or watch Mad Men for some sort of clue into advertising, but I digress. It’s time for my presumed yoga class. 


Guest Author Jeanette Castaneda writes about arts & entertainment topics, pop culture trends, and celebrity news (or feuds). You can follow her on Twitter @jeanettec03.

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