Fabio vs Isaiah in an Old Spice Mano a Mano in El Baño duel

In television-land, there has long been two go-to guys when it comes to mocking manliness--David Hasselhoff, and Fabio.

The folks at Old Spice chose the latter in their latest campaign designed to spice-up <pun> the hugely sucessful campaign it began a couple of years ago.

Selecting Fabio to replace Isaiah Mustafa is a stroke of genius. The original Old Spice Man was a spoof on the "manly scent" of your father's Old Spice. And now, Fabio is a spoof of the new, manly man.

Consumers are let in on the joke in the theme of the new campaign--a "duel" between the old and the new.

New Old Spice Guy Fabio is challenging the (original) Old Spice Guy to a duel on Twitter, and on YouTube.

At last count, Fabio’s 4,000 followers is left unmatched by Isiaiah’s 129,000. 

In the world of manly caricatures, there seems to be no match.

Tune in to Old Spice's YouTube channel today at 9am to officially learn their fate.

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