Financial Role Model? Kim Kardashian is shilling for a fee-laden, pre-paid MasterCard targeting teens and 20-somethings

Kim Kardashian makes a living from her celebrity.

With a kick-start from a sex video leaked to the Internet, Kardashian has become the new Zsa Zsa Gabor or Paris Hilton--a pretty girl who is famous for being famous.

To cash-in on her fame, she's marketed everything from Carl's Jr salads, to QuickTrim weight loss plans.

Now she's lending her celebrity to a pre-paid MasterCard targeted at teens and college students.

But critics are jumping all over the brand relationship, questioning Kim's qualifications as a financial role-model to teens.

The Kardashian "Kard" appears to be targeted to the youth market who associate with Kardashian and her sisters, and their celebrity lifestyle as seen on TV.The tagline is "The Kardashian Kard: Take us with you, everywhere you go."

Children as young as 13 will be eligible for the card, which is being marketed as a tool to help parents keep track of their kids’ spending habits.

The critics say the "Kard" is not a financially-responsible tool for teens. Those who read the fine-print discover that the Kardashian prepaid MasterCard costs $99.95 for a year or $59.95 for six months (paid in advance), and a $7.95 fee per month thereafter. Customers are also charged for cash withdrawals from an ATM (even if your cash request is denied); or for checking your balance on an ATM. You are also charged a fee for canceling your card, loading money onto the card and even for contacting a live customer service rep.

It seems that keeping up with the Kardashians can cost a lot.

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