Five Caffeine-Laced Foods--from Hot Sauce to Gummy Bears.

Caffeine. It’s colorless, tasteless and an incredibly addictive stimulant. What’s not to love? Most of us think of caffeine as an irreplaceable ingredient in coffee, some teas, some colas, and even chocolate. But what about hot sauce, potato chips and even gummy bears? 

1). Caffeinated, Doublekick Hot Sauce

Doublekick is an all-natural hot sauce combining Asian and Southwestern chili sauces, with ginger and caffeine for an extra energy boost. Doublekick Hot Sauce is “the great tasting way to keep food coma at bay. It is thick and rich, spicy and a tad sweet.”

2). Caffeine-laced Potato Chips

NRG combines taurine, caffeine, and B Vitamins into their “Phoenix Fury” Potato chips. The amount of caffeine in a 3.5oz bag is equivalent to 3 and-a-half cups of brewed coffee.

3). Energized Sunflower seeds

Sumseeds are roasted sunflower seeds "supercharged" with caffeine, taurine, lysene, and ginseng. "Research indicates Sumseeds appeals to a variety of consumers, especially those who engage in high energy activities such as sports, technology, hunting, fishing and long-haul trucking," says the company. 

4). Caffeinated Popcorn

BioFuel Caffeinated Popcorn claims to be the original caffeinated popcorn—and the world’s most powerful popcorn. BioFuel says it’s popcorn is “A precision engineered, sweet & salty energy food to help promote better focus & performance.

5). Loud Truck Gummy Bears

Yep, gummy bears stuffed with energy-boasting ingredients. The company says it is “scientifically formulated to work” it also included taurine, and Brazilian guarana (from which the caffeine is derived).


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