FIVE-ORITES: Sexy Celebrity Armani Ads--The Mostly Naked Beckham, Rihanna, Nadal, Fox, and Ronaldo

For the last couple of years, Armani has been sexing-up its ads with incredibly provocative photos of celebrities. Sensual images in fashion photography is nothing new, nor are celebrity spokespeople willing to show off their bodies (thank you Brooke Shields and Marky Mark for Calvin Klein).

But, with the launch of the newest Rhianna campaign for Armani, which includes a new video featuring the pop star looking sensual writhing around in bed dressed in Armani underwear (yes, we have it here), we thought we'd share some of our Five-orites with you. And, yes, they're mostly naked. Enjoy.

First up, the Beckhams: Victoria and David:


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The Featured Five