Food Truck or Money Truck? Charles Schwab heads out onto the New York City streets with the “Oh, Chuck! Truck.”

The folks at Charles Schwab are jumping on the “new mobile” bandwagon—by creating a mobile bandwagon of sorts in New York City. 

This week, Charles Schwab is giving New Yorkers a chance to share their stories of questionable spending decisions and provide an opportunity to win $10,000 in a Schwab brokerage account. Schwab’s mobile video booth, a glass truck outfitted to record contest submissions.

So instead of a bandwagon, I guess they’re creating a “Chuck Wagon.”

Schwab invites locals to their “Oh, Chuck! Truck” will be making stops at four Manhattan locations on June 13 and 14. The contest runs through June 26. The truck will be in Bryant Park today (the 14th) from 8:00am-2pm and in the Meatpacking District from 4-7pm.

The contest is being held in conjunction with the launch of Charles Schwab’s latest online video series, “Oh, Chuck! I Blew My Cash,” which features Chuck himself providing advice to six people who each confess to a regrettable (and humorous) purchase. The contest and video series highlight something everyone can relate to: spending too much on an impulse buy, rather than saving and investing for the future.

The contest is also running on Schwab’s Facebook page. And, the videos are posted on Schwab’s YouTube page. You can join in the conversation on Twitter by following @CharlesSchwab and using the hashtag #OhChuck. To enter, find complete contest details and official rules, and for tips on smart spending and saving please visit

The campaign is part of Schwab’s YouTube video series, “Oh, Chuck! I Blew My Cash,” which features Chuck proffering financial advice to people confessing to unfortunate purchases causing regret and angst.

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