Frank Sinatra drank Jack Daniel’s? Would he Select "Sinatra Select?"

We’re not sure if Frank Sinatra drank Jack Daniel’s when he was alive, and so the deal with the whiskey makers over at owner Brown-Forman to make “Jack Daniels Sinatra Select” seems a bit off-brand.

In other words, would Sinatra have selected Sinatra Select?

Still, ole Blue Eyes is reaching out from the dead to sell his branded whiskey at the Las Vegas airport. Brown-Forman is introducing a series of installations at LAS an other major global airports around the world to “immerse consumers in the Frank & Jack Story”.

Travellers will be able to taste the limited edition Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select while viewing photos of the famous singer and listening to his music.

In typical marketing spin (note they never say Frank actually DRANK Jack), Jim Perry, managing director of Brown-Forman travel retail says “Frank and Jack literally spent years flying around the globe together; wherever Frank went, Jack Daniel’s was by his side. Along with our retail partner, Nuance, we are very excited about the Las Vegas airport installation. We feel that our airport installation will engage consumers in the story of the great friendship between Frank and Jack as well as educate them about the unique craftsmanship of this exclusive whiskey.”

Sinatra Select is aged in special Sinatra barrels, which have grooves carved into the staves to expose the liquid to more wood. Whiskey from the Sinatra barrels is then blended with classic Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey and bottled at 45% abv.

Source: The Spirits Business

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