George Clooney and Julia Roberts star in dueling, Italian coffee commercials.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney coupled on-screen in the film franchise Ocean's Eleven, Twleve and Thriteen.

But they appear in Italian commercials for dueling coffee makers.

Clooney has appeared in a series of Nespresso coffee ads wih John Malkovich. Shot in Milan, Italy, they're promoting the Nespresso coffee machine with a heavenly theme. Clooney posing as himself, and Malkovich as St. Peter. The most recent is scheduled to be launched shortly.

Roberts' ad also has a "heaven" theme with plenty of white fluffy clouds, but she's hawking a rival Italian company--the Lavazza coffee makers. It is being reported that Roberts received $1.5 million for the non-speaking role in the spot.

Sources: UK Daily Mail and PopEater


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