Gillette cuts Tiger Woods, but keeps Derek Jeter, Roger Federer and Alex Ovechkin

Procter & Gamble plans to phase out its Gillette Champaigns marketing program.

The program, which launched in 2007 and ran in 180 countires, is said to have been one of the most successful global marketing efforts in Gillette's history, featuring 38 athletic endorsers, from seven different sports.

This ends Gillette's endorsement deal with golfer Tiger Woods, along with lesser-known soccer players Thierry Henry, Kaka, Rafa Marquez and Lionel Messi.

However, Gillette is keeping some of the other athletes featured in the marketing program. Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees; tennis star Roger Federer and Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin all made the cut.

The program was originally launched with Woods, Federer and Henry.

Woods, who hasn't won a tournament since his sex scandal broke last year, is the highest profile athelete cut from the campaign. His agent said: "The contract between Tiger and Gillette expires at the end of this year. Gillette is ending their 'Champions' campaign. That is the reason for not continuing."

Source: USA Today

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