Groupon launches new dating service and $60,000 scholarship program Grouspawn

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason took the stage this morning at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference to announce Grouspawn, a dating site and scholarship program for the children conceived by couples who used a Groupon on their first date.

Mason has decided that as the company expands, there will inevitably be babies born off the “intercourse” people are having on dates where they use Groupons. So, the company is putting $60,000 in a trust fund for every Grouspawn--a sum that would mature to cover the costs of the child's college education.

Clearly a marketing stut, Grouspawn is a wonderful way to showcase expanded use of Groupons, gather some demographic information on its users who sign up for the dating service, and signal it is OK to use a Groupon on a date.

For a little more hilarity, check out the FAQ's on the dating site here

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