Half nuts. Half Corny. Me so Corny.

Corny is nieuw. Corny is lekker. Maar Corny is vooral heel erg Corny

There is a new snack in the Netherlands, Corny! A new nutty chocolate bar which doesn't take itself or life too seriously. In the highly amusing introductory commercial developed by Fitzroy Amsterdam, a dubious little rabbit sings a remake of the 90's hit Me So Horny (2 Live Crew) in a repulsively strong German accent. This is done in an attempt to try and woo a girl in a library, much to the annoyance of the surrounding visitors.  

Half nuts. Half Corny.

The main ingredients of the Corny-bar are nuts and grains. Simply put, Half nuts, half corny. The bars are available in two varieties: almond & white chocolate and peanuts & milk chocolate. A new snack on the shelves of your supermarket, ideal if you fancy something sweet to power you through your day. Perfect for if you're on your way from home to school, school to home, your man to your lover, or if you're revising for a tough upcoming exam that is actually long overdue.

Ooooh me so Corny.

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