Hasbro to Make an Easy-Bake Oven That’s Gender-neutral.

I remember the Christmas when my sister got her first Easy-Bake oven. As a boy, it was clearly not a toy not intended for me. Still, I was fascinated how a toy oven with a light bulb as a heating source could bake real brownies. Still, it was off-limits to me.

But now, Hasbro, the maker of Easy-Bake says it will begin selling gender-neutral Easy-Bake ovens. The plan to double the size of its potential audience by making the ovens for both girls and boys was hatched by a 13-year-old New Jersey girl who was frustrated that Hasbro didn’t make an oven that would be an appropriate gift for her four-year-old brother, and started a protest petition on Change.org that generated 400,000 signatures, and the attention of Hasbro executives.

Hasbro had been manufacturing the ovens in pink and purple—not the most boy-friendly colors. The company has now developed prototypes in gender-neutral colors like black, silver and blue. They are also contemplating putting boys in its Easy-Bake oven ads.

Hasbro's Frascotti says the classic toy has had about a dozen different color schemes since its 1963 launch, from yellow to green to teal to silver. The most recent version, introduced in 2011, is mostly purple with pink accents.

He said solid sales since then prompted the company to consider updating it and broaden the consumer base by manufacturing it in different colors.

Chalk one up for the smashing of gender stereotypes.

Source: USA Today/AP

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