Hefty Blackout trash bags: because trash looks better in black

Let's face it. Revolutionary ideas in the consumer package goods industry can be rare. Growing market share by a point or two, or introducing existing brand extensions is usually about as exciting as it gets.

So, word that Hefty is introducing a new color of kitchen trash bags is newsworthy.

Yep, Hefty is introducing BlackOut, a new line of black kitchen bags, after they discovered that trash looks better, or at least less messy, in black bags. Plus, consumers are buying more black and stainless-steel trash cans, which consumers say look better with black garbage bags.

You see, kitchen trash bags are traditionally white--since kitchen garbage bag containers, and kitchen appliances have been traditionally white. It's that simple.

The other trend happening in the category was consumers turning to using bags from the groceries or other "free" alternatives.

Hefty is hoping that the new black bags will reinvigorate the market, and stimulate sales in a category down 5% for the year.

From Advertising Age:

Product development started only eight months ago, when Hefty marketers discovered a seismic shift in trash-can and kitchen appliance colors thanks to its partnership with HMS Manufacturing, which licenses the Hefty name for kitchen trash cans. While nearly two-thirds of new kitchen trash cans are still white or tan, unit sales of black trash cans are up 38% from last year. Sales of stainless-steel cans are up 12%, while sales of the white/beige range are down 8%.

So, apparently, black is the new black for this season of trash-bag colors.

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