Hertz introduces a new animated mascot named Horatio.

Pilsbury has their Doughboy.

And of course, there's Tony the Tiger, the Kool-Aid Man, the Aflac duck and Mr. Clean.

Now, Hertz is introducing "Horatio," an animated dashboard mascot.

Like the latest iteration of Mr. Peanut, brought to life by Robert Downey Jr., Hertz has asked actor Owen Wilson, whose voice is featured in the coming animated film “Cars 2” to be the voice of the new mascot. The character will appear in a series of commercials directed by Tucker Gates, (“The Office,” “Parks and Recreation” and “Weeds”).

Hertz' latest marketing effort is designed to help make the brand more approachable to the growing throngs of 20-somethings who are beginning to rent cars (and become brand loyal) for the first time.

The New York Times describes the new mascot, as an animated yellow dashboard figurine with a football-shaped head and a permanent wink. Hertz wants consumers to see the mascot as representational of a refresh Hertz’s image and “help us re-establish ourselves as a culture brand,” said Catherine East, group account director for DDB New York, the agency that created on the campaign. Mark P. Frissora, the chief executive for Hertz, named the mascot after Horatio Nelson Jackson, a physician who was one of the first people to drive a car across the United States.

Horatio will have two real-life travel personalities joining him in the campaign. They're named Gas and Brake.

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