Holly 'goes lightly' into a new leather line for Tiffany's

Tiffany & Co. is, of course, an iconic brand. They are the world’s second-largest luxury jewelry retailer, and they transcend product in ways that most company's aspire to.

The 173 year-old brand is currently looking to extend its brand beyond jewelry in several ways.

First up, they're launching a new women's handbag collection--its first in in 20 years. It is a big step for Tiffany's who is not known as a fashion or a leather-goods retailer. They're also introducing a line of men's briefcases and accessories. 

To launch the line, their bringing back another iconic figure forever tied to Tiffany's--Audrey Hepburn's character Holly Golightly from Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Hepburn helped Tiffany's solidify its brand with her role in the pre-product placement days film, "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in 1961.

Tiffany's plans to introduce the "Holly" clutch (named after Hepburn's character in the film). Tiffany's has integrated the brand's classic "Tiffany Blue" into the bag to solidify its brand-over-product status. The handbags come in Tiffany blue, onyx, garnet and red. The evening bags have Tiffany jewelry-inspired touches like a chunky beaded wrist chain and longer crystal chains inspired by diamond necklaces. Items also have Tiffany blue leather linings, as well as touches of that color enamel on their hardware, according to Bloomberg.

“A blue box from Tiffany is instantly credible as a gift,” as Steven Dennis, a former Neiman Marcus executive turned consultant, tells Bloomberg. “Smaller leather goods, those are very giftable categories.”

Image source: Brandchannel

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