How to Add SEO Love to a WordPress Blog Post

WordPress has quickly become an industry standard blogging platform but I still see writers and website owners not really tapping into the potential the site’s tools and plugins have to offer. WordPress is hugely convenient and very powerful and if you know how to leverage it 100% you are going to reap the rewards tenfold.  Just writing a post is a great start but at some point you have to show some SEO love towards your blog if you really want the traffic to come.

Here are some ways to leverage WordPress to better pull in traffic:

Install an SEO Plugin

Out of the box the tools is pretty standard so you might want to download some sort of SEO plugin that can help you build up the SEO power of your posts. There are many out there you just have to dig around and find one that is compatible with your blog. Here is a nice list of SEO plugins that you might or might not find useful. Certain SEO plugins have different features but the ability to customize meta data in your posts will help you strengthen your blog foundation.

Modify your Permalinks

Pre-loaded the WordPress link structure shows the page ID number which really does nothing for your SEO efforts. By changing the link structure in your settings section you can have the system use your title as your page URL or you can customize your own as you are writing. Imagine putting nice robust keywords into the URL structure? Brilliant!

Interlink your Posts

As you are writing future posts you want to anticipate some interlinking opportunities as you are typing away. If you write a piece that is similar to a previous one locate a keyword in your writing and link the two together. This allows the internal SEO power to pass between pages and when you link up relevant sites Google tends to like that. Google SEO is all about relevancy so the more relevant the better. Be careful to not abuse this effort and really focus on the user experience. Too many links is not a good thing either.

Share Buttons

There are good social sharing buttons and there are some that are horrible. Just because you have a small Twitter & Facebook button doesn’t mean they are attractive enough to entice people to click on them and share the info. Place nice vibrant social sharing buttons that really trigger some actions on the site to get your posts flying around like the little social butterflies they were intended to be. 

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