How to write great blog content people want to share

There is no doubt about it; content is a great source to drive inbound traffic. People like to read and if they read something they truly enjoy they will share it with their friends or peers. Writing blog posts is a great idea but writing blog posts that your audience wants to share is an even better idea.

The search engines can see how people move around your content and if yours is really attractive to the search engines you will be rewarded.

Here are some tips on writing nice blog content:

Formatting is important

Your formatting has to be on point otherwise your blog post is going to be difficult to read. Breaking down the content, using bolded headers, images and video are all important writing factors. You might get readers that simply want to focus on one area to read but if you don’t give them the opportunity to find that one area they could very well leave.

Use lots of rich media

There have been many studies that show content which includes images and video gets much more web love than posts with only text. Images allow the eyes to focus on something other than just words and videos give the reader a break, who doesn’t like to watch videos?

Give it some personality

There are many writers out there trying to write about the same things you are, how are you going to stand out from the crowd? If you think your content should read a certain way that falls within unwritten society “guidelines” you are dead wrong. If you have a strong personality make sure your content does too. The more personality your writing has the better the connection will be with your readers. It will feel as if you wrote the post specifically for each person.

Pick your topics accordingly

Try actually using some SEO when you write your posts. Sure, current news topics might not have a long lasting effect on search volume but using a keyword research tool can help you write your posts so they work as a timeless inbound marketing tool. If you are having a hard time coming up with writing topics try using Google Alerts to help you as well. Google Alerts will ping you on the hot & trending discussions and topics in your industry, which could give you some valuable insight as to what you should write about. 

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