"I can't wait for 10,000 feet" Gogo Campaign Pushes Airplane WiFi

We are all getting used to having Internet access at all times, and in all places—even while traveling at 10,000 feet. WiFi access on airplanes has become an accepted and expected part of air travel. 

We’re now used to accessing email, watch streaming videos and update our Facebook status while sitting in an uncomfortable and upright position.

The leader in providing Internet access on airplanes is Gogo. The company has worked deals with the major airlines to offer its service at $39.95 per month for frequent travelers, and $14.95 for a 24-hour pass for those who fly less regularly.

While frequent business flyers are getting used to paying the fee to keep connected (a “cost” of doing business today), vacation flyers, and those who travel infrequently are a harder sell. So, Gogo has launched a marketing campaign with the tagline "I can't wait for 10,000 feet" on Google TV and in a smattering of local markets. The tagline reportedly originated in a real piece of customer feedback and is meant to clue in leisure travelers that you can do a lot more with the service than just check email.

Gogo has partnered with Zappos, OpenTable, Groupon and People.com within the campaign to highlight the many things you can be doing while in mid-air. Gogo's advertisers include Google, Amazon, Coke, LivingSocial, and StubHub. American Express, and Ford have sponsored free Wi-Fi on flights for users who watch one of their videos.

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