IBM CEO says HP no longer can lay claim to "Invent"

HP has been getting a lot of thumping lately.

The Board of Directors at the technology giant has been strongly criticized in the press (and Silicon Valley dinner tables) for its odd behavior around the firing of its CEO, Mark Hurd. Did they really fire him over errors in his expense reports? Was this a convenient excuse for getting rid of someone who was performing well, but roundly disliked?

And now, IBM Chief Executive Samuel J. Palmisano is joining the chorus of negative critiques of how Hurd was running the company before he was fired.

"H-P used to be a very inventive company," Mr. Palmisano is quoted by the Wall Street Journal . IBM would never have paid what H-P did to buy data-storage provider 3PAR Inc., he said. "[H-P] had no choice," said Mr. Palmisano. "Hurd cut out all the research and development."

HP used to be a very inventive company.

It is an interesting word choice given HP's current tagline, "HP Invent." Palmisano is essentially slamming HP at its core--its foundational DNA. The use of the word suggests a vary calculated statement to hit HP at its core, when they are down.

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