I’m Sorry but Social Media is Not a Fad.

For some crazy reason there are some people that feel like social media might be some sort of a crazy fad -- umm no. I am totally a realist and have no problems calling out something that I know is not going to last or is just pointless, but social media is not one of those. Once in a great while a large shift in society occurs where the way of life completely changes and computer processing within the home and workplace was one of those shifts. I’m not saying that Facebook & Twitter will be around forever but what I am saying is that the concepts and theories of web communication will be. As long as there is an internet it will be used for communication. Let’s face it, we live in a fast paced world and you can spend a few hours engaging in social media and generate a lead or grow your business much more efficiently than hitting the bricks.

Just remember that Bill Gates was not always taken seriously when he first tried peddling Windows. A computer in every home? People laughed, who is laughing now?

Here are a few reasons why social media will continue to grow and evolve: 


It is a heck of a lot cheaper to engage your business in social media than it is to run a one page ad in almost any publication. Social media costs nothing but time. It doesn’t take an exuberant amount of time to dabble in social media either.  Write something you know about, fire up a few important social media accounts, make sure you have a nice mug shot and start sharing. 

Immediate Results

If you want to run a campaign, post a tweet or showcase something in the social media space it only takes seconds. Setting up an account and posting content and information to the various social media sites can trigger immediate traffic if done right.


Social media can give your business or website an identity almost overnight. When it comes to web marketing and social media, building a voice around your business is just as important as having a website.

Everything is connected

If you are wondering why your SEO is not as strong as it should be remember that everything online is connected these days. There is a tremendous amount of gray area and overlap when it comes to SEM efforts. The search engines see your behavior and how you interact with others. Using social media can leave a nice footprint for your business. Since the search engines got tabs on you show them what they want, branding. 

I still communicate with people that think social media is just a fad which I find insane. Let’s say for a moment that it was, shouldn’t it be important to be active during the period of acceptance? In theory everything in life is a fad, some just stick around longer than others. Can you afford to sit this one out?

Author Maciej Fita runs Boston-based Brandignity.com which offers SEO services along with reputation management, social media and a variety of other internet marketing related services helping clients large and small find their online digital voice. 

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